Once upon time...

A long…long time ago… Well, we admit, neither so long as this, but if you think about the unstable alive wheel that is the virtual world, where blogs and sites you come and go in a flash, our story sounds like an ancient tale. So, let´s come back to our tale... Almost three years ago, a young lady knew another one young lady and afterwards met a third one lady in Internet. Reason: two passions in common – Harry Potter and dolls. In the beginning , the first one girl exchanged emails with the third one and with the second one, spoke with the MSN. And these two last didn´t know each other yet, but they knew about their mutual existence because of two blogs involved in the story line: the Expresso Hogwarts and the Accio Cérebro. Tired of doing cartoon dolls to illustrate their fan fictions, our heroines started to play with candydolls. First problem found: there were just a few basis of Hogwarts dolls in internet. Actually, there were just two basis of the Korean site Candybar, the main reference of almost all image credits of this site. So, we left behind the “drag and drop” candymakers and started to edit, at beginning, some minimum details, of Candybar elements in order to turn them into Hogwarts uniforms. We used Paint program to create them. Short time afterwards, we found the first one dollmaker containing "uniform of the School of Magic and Witchcraft of Hogwarts", Mil Coisas para Blog, but were so few! Meanwhile, we began to delineate our first personalized candydolls, perfect for our illustrations. Well, in the beginning everything was a little "ugly", but to us, these dolls were really amazing, a true artwork that cost hours, sometimes days of work.

One night, Meridiana Johnson and Arwen Potter, two of our heroines, decided, in an e-mail, like so many others they used to exchange, create their own Hogwarts candymaker. Meri spoke to Bianca Grovey, also responsible for dolls of Expresso Hogwarts blog, and Arwen called Alexis Dumbledore, her first virtual friend, also founder of the Accio Cerebro blog, a “marauder” girl and partner of Arwen in Accio Cerebro dolls illustrations. This is the beginning of Madame Malkin´s Candymaker history.

We started to produce our Hogwarts clothes. We exchanged elements here and there. Some of them were remade to be available in our dollmaker. While we created uniforms for our dream, another site appeared and became itself a fever between Harry Potter fans, the Hogwarts Honey. That made us more exciting to make our dream true. But like Merlin said in a certain book, “Fate is inexorable”. Personal matters moved away the girls from the project. Arwen took a break from Internet because professional questions, Alexis for school reasons and Meridiana lead her path alone. With help of a new member of Expresso Hogwarts blog (at that time, member of its brother-blog, Embarque no Espresso), Adhara Ivory, a genius girl, responsible by all Expresso Hogwarts webdesigner, they created the Expresso Hogwarts candydollmaker.

In a day of fall, Arwen decided to come back. She aparated in the fireplace of the Accio and started again the prodution of dolls. But now, using a new edition image program: the magical Photoshop CS. Creating dolls became faster, because Photoshop facilities a lot image edition, and the idea of the dollmaker come back to the surface. However, it was a little late. Espresso Hogwarts already had its own maker. And it was born the first one Accio dollmaker.

Meanwhile, a fourth element, Carol Smith fell in love with fanfic and candydoll universe. She contacted Meri and afterwards created the Magic Spell blog. That time, Carol didn’t know yet about the existence of Arwen and Alexis. One day, Arwen discovered Magic Spell blog and started read the stories publish on it. Carol, not satisfied with her precious blog and its twin brother-blog , Magic Story, decided to create a third one - Magic Past, situated in the 70s, when James Potter, Sirius Black , Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were students. When Arwen saw a note in Magic Spell saying that they were looking for new members to Magic Past blog, she went crazy. So, she sent an email immediately and was accepted in Magic Past. After that, Carol Smith was invited to became special member of Accio Dolls, the Accio Cerebro candydoll blog. And then she finally knew Alexis. It was formed the Fantastic Four.

So, after that, we gave the first step to the creation of Madame Malkin´s Candymaker. In the first upgrade of Accio dollmaker, Carol´s participation was fundamental, and the former Accio dollmaker became a common maker shared by Accio and Magic Family blogs. Bigger, broader, it was stuffed with cool and cute things and also an elephant to carry. Style "drag and drop" (the famous one clicks-drags), Accio Magic Dollmaker had 600 element or so in each one of its 8 dollmakers. It complicated utilization of Accio Magic maker a little bit. Espresso Hogwarts staff was smatter. They upgraded their maker in several small makers that was easier to carry. If their host helped, because it lives always "out of the air".

We has been continuing exchanging ideas, emails. Now Meri had MSN also, and in December of 2005, she and Arwen met each other face to face. Then the project of partnership in create a Hogwarts dollmaker came back. First problem: the number of elements would become impossible (or at least VERY slow) open the site. A certain supporting character of the Espresso Hogwarts blog, Tristan, that was between us, offered kindly for helping us to build the site in “a such of php” (programmer stuff), using Candybar/Elouai/The Doll Palace as model. Not satisfied with a dollmaker in this style, our heroines started to daydream about also do Beauxbatons and Durmstrang Magic Schools’ dollmakers.

We worked exhaustively for 40 days. During that time, the initial project became bigger and bigger daily. Then we invited another marvelous person who creates dolls like us, as Katellyn, Kyra Spring, Lady Lestrange, Flaks to join our team. We also collect works of all members of our respective blogs that plays with candydolls like we do (you can see their work in our Dolls Gallery in Collaborators menu).

Here and now you can see our work (and Tristan´s one). But, you aren’t facing a simple one dollmaker or a very pretty site of dolls. You are facing with a dream of years that finally become true. You are facing the union of "the three adopted brothers" blogs: Expresso Hogwarts, Accio Cerebro (and its spin-off blog , Accio Past) and the family Magic. Welcome to our dream!!! We hope you enjoy it!!!!

The Fantastic Four: