* How can you make candydolls using Madame Malkin's?

It's pretty easy making dolls at Madame Malkin's Candy maker!

In menu placed in right side of screen there are a list of elements – hair, basis, faces, backgrounds… Click on the element your want to see. Some buttons – or thumbnails – will appear. Some elements are in numbered pages, just click on numbers to access them.

Thumbnails just show a piece of the element. To see its full version, choose the one you liked more and click on its thumbnail. The element will immediately show up in the black space on the left corner of screen designated to dolls and guys creation.

Clue: If you want make a doll using the simple base (the one without clothes), begin your work with the base. It makes easier see the other elements. But if you clicked in other element before, or, just don´t want to put the base at start, don´t worry. The base will appear under the clothes as long you click on it.

How choosing between our maker options?

Madame Malkin's has 4 different candymaker options: Candybar, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

Our page opens immediatly in the candybar original elements option. To choose the other candymakers, go to the window where you can read "candybar". Click on its arrow. Widow will get wider, showing the other maker options. Just select the maker you want to work with and see its exclusive elements.

Just select the dollmaker that you want to see the exclusive pieces of each one.

Our candymakers overcome each other. So if you want to put a pair of pink sock on your Hogwarts candydoll (that isn´t available in Hogwarts candymaker), you must come back to candybar maker, click on "Socks" in index to see candybar socks options. Now, you can choose the pair of socks you want to. Click on it. The socks will appear on your Hogwarts candydoll.

How choosing between female and male makers?

Just click on pink or blue box where you can read "Gender".

Note: Male and female makers also overcome each other. If you want to use some female element in a guy or vice versa, just click on boy or girl button. Choose the element you wish to use and click on it. It will appear on your doll or guy already pre-made in the designated space.

Can I make dolls with another skin colors?

The ORIGINAL Candybar doesn´t have black, dark or pale skinned dolls. But, here, we didi versions of part of candybar elements with these skins colors in order to give everyone a choice of making a democratic creation of candydolls.

To choose the other skin colors options, go to the window where you can read "Skin color". Click on the skin color you want to work with.

After that you can click on the elements (faces, basis, and other) which any maker can offer to you.

I don´t like the final result, what can I do?

If you want to remove from your candydoll na element that you don´t like in the final result, just click back in the option of the corresponding menu to the element which you want to remove in index. After that, click on the erase button. The unwanted element will disappear.

Example: You make a doll and blouse doesn´t fit cool, but you just noticed it when had already put everything (shoes, backgrounds, make up, pet…) Go to the elements index, click on "Blouses and shirts", and, after that, click on button. The unwanted blouse will disappear, and so, you could choose another one. That' s it. If you want to remove a skirt from your doll, you should come back to skirt page and click on button. You must repeat same steps with any element want to remove.

What is the option Gallery of the menu?

The option Gallery in the of the dollmaker is a link that directs for a page where can you visualize the dolls and guys made by the team of our maker, our collaborators and some gifts that we earn. It is not possible edit these dolls using the dollmaker. In the page Gallery there is a link for come back for the dollmaker.

* How can I save my doll?

The button you need to save your doll is in "Actions" Box.

- Make your doll
- Click in the button .
- A window where you can read open and save will show up.
- Choose "save as" option
- Save your doll in a your computer folder you want to.
- Important: your doll won´t have transparent background and will loose the animation. We still don't have the resource for saving animated dolls. That will be providing soon.

Other option in order to save your doll is using the famous and archaic "print screen" key of your keyboard.

- Put the site place in a position that we can see your doll fully.
- Click on "print-screen" key of your keyboard.
- Open any edition image program (Paint, Fireworks, Photoshop...)
- Create a new document in this program.
- Press ctrl-v keys

That's it. Your doll will appear in the document you created. Then you can save it with the program you choose use.

I´ve finished my doll e I want to make another one What can I do?

Go to "Actions" Box and click on first button, from left to right.

* How can I put transparent background in my doll?

Some edition image programs, like Fireworks and Photoshop, have transparent background resource when you save your doll in "gif" format.

So much Fireworks as Photoshop, the easiest way to save your doll with a transparent background is creating a new file already with transparent background where you will paste your doll.

In Fireworks, to save with transparent background, select "gif" in the left córner of screen, and, in the main menu click on "export" option.
In Photoshop. Choose in the main menu principal "save for web" option.

Paint doesn´t have transparent background resource, so, we recommend to seek other programs. We recommend "Giffy", which is easy to use. (In order to find it, you can go to Google and type Giffy & download).